See It Before You Build It! TM

A professionally designed and built landscape can add significant value to your home. From improving curb appeal to providing an environment for exceptional outdoor living experiences, your landscaping and the investment you make are important decisions. That’s why JDS Design has developed a process that allows our homeowners to “See It Before You Build It”.

Depending upon the size and complexity of your project, our design package will include anything from 2D and 3D design drawings and elevations to a visual tour of the design that allows you to see the project from different perspectives throughout the property. From plant and tree selections to hardscape finishes, outdoor furniture, and accent pieces – with JDS Design, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the “Art of the Possible”, and maximize the return on investment of your landscape budget.

Our goal is always to provide our homeowners not only a “Distinctive Outdoor Living” environment but also an exceptional collaborative experience throughout the design | build process.


Our Design | Build Process

1. Complete Your Personalized JDS Design – S3 Profile Guide

Style | Scope | Selections. The JDS Design S3 Profile Guide gives you an opportunity to get your vision and ideas sorted, while providing us the initial information we need to make for a collaborative process from the start.


Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Minimalist… the Style section will give us some initial insights into your overall style and aesthetic appeal.


Pools, Patios, Decks, Planting Beds, Irrigation, Fencing, Overhead Structures, Pathways, Turf, etc. If it’s outdoors – JDS Design does it. The Scope Section provides further insight to the Scope of your project and preferences.


The Selections section goes one step deeper and provides an overview of your specific ideas on plant & tree, turf, stone, wood, concrete and other finishes associated with your project.

2. Initial Consultation & Design Agreement. Let’s Meet!

Once we receive your Design Profile Guide, we’ll take a look through it to become acquainted with your style and your project, and set a day and time that’s convenient for you to meet.

Hi! I’m Julie, the owner of JDS Design, and I look forward to meeting you!

During our consultation, we’ll review your project, take a walk around your property to discuss your project further, and get to know each other. If you you’re ready to go, we’ll get a design agreement in place and get started on designing your landscape

3. Design & Project Proposal Development

Time for you to relax for a bit! The work we’ve done together to this point gives us the perfect foundation for the preliminary design and proposal to come.

Time to begin working to bringing your vision to life!

We’ll create a complete design package and proposal, including scope of work, pricing and design drawings.

Once completed, we’ll schedule a time to review with you, and make any necessary iterations. Once your happy with the design & if you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll move forward to a construction agreement.

4. Project Installation & Management / Administration

Anyone who’s been through a construction project knows how challenging and stressful the process can be. JDS Design works hard to minimize that stress and make the experience simple & informative.

JDS Design Web & Mobile Application

JDS Design has a mobile app that enables you to keep track of progress and budget - providing construction updates, photos and any changes you may have requested. Online or from your phone, you can approve changes and invoices with a single click.

Our goal is to stay on schedule and budget - communicating with you every step of the way!

5. Project Completion, Warranty & Maintenance

As your project comes to completion, one of our project managers will meet with you to walk through your Project to make sure it’s been completed to the specifications and review the JDS Warranty and maintenance requirements that will ensure your landscape investment is protected and achieves its full potential.

JDS Design Warranty & Maintenance Plan

JDS Design provides a warranty on all of our services. Once your project is complete, your project manager will present a warranty and maintenance folder and depending on your project, will review: